Trixie is the older sister of Dixie and Pixie. She's also the mate of Floyd.


Appearance Edit

Trixie's looks are a bit similar to Dixie's but her fur is more shaggy and rigid. She has light beige fur, a peachy underbelly and auburn hair. She's the same size as Dixie and has a red bow along with a matching red collar and a black nose.

Personality Edit

Trixie is a mature, snobbish and slightly girly Saluki. She loves to do things her way, but never says no to suggestions and ideas. Trixie's also a bit short-tempered and aggressive, not afraid to attack any species-no matter how tall or smart. However, she's very kind and considerate to her friends and family, not afraid to protect them when needed.

Trivia Edit

  • Trixie learned to get use to singing-which she previously thought of as noisy.
  • She's a dancer in Singin' Strays
  • She treats Pixie like a baby.
  • Trixie was mean to Tod when they met because he was a fox and she was wary.
  • She and Cash are frenemies.
  • Ever since learning she can't sing well-Tod and her found similarities and eventually became best friends.
  • She's very protective of Granny Rose and Copper.
  • She hates water!

Gallery Edit