Trip is a friend of Tod and is the brother of Vixie

Appearance Edit

Trip has fur much thicker than that of Tod. most of it is light orange / gold. the tail is mostly white and his paws are reddish / brown.It has ears almost completely black and the eyes are light blue. It has a lock on the head, however, is facing up as a ridge.It has another tuft on chest

Personality Edit

a puppy is really cheerful and sympathetic, is honest and sometimes too. always a hand to all. sometimes he tends to become proud, but never too much.

Trivia Edit

  • he and Tod are very similar
  • He knows chase very well
  • He is the brother of Vixie, but Tod can not yet know
  • afraid of hunting dogs, because as a child he had caught a hound. because of this the hunter could shoot him, but not seriously hurt. the only dog they trust is Copper

Gallery Edit

work in progress..