Little Gift for the be-awesome, Tundrathesnowpup. Hope ya like it, Tundra!


"Ready or not! Here I come!" Molly shouted as she began to track down her two best friends, Tod and Copper. 

It was a crisp, clear day in the forest. Molly was nose-to-the-ground, searching for the two friends until a familiar fox kit pounced on her.

"Pinned ya!" Elizabeth laughed.

"What are you doing here?" Molly asked, wiggling out from underneath the fox, "I thought you were with Big Mama." 

"I asked if I could go exploring," Elizabeth lisped, "when I saw you, I decided to pounce! I'm pretty good, huh?"

"Very," Molly said, shaking the dust off her coat.

Elizabeth did the same, until her fur was poofy. Both girls laughed.

"What are ya doing?" The fox asked.

"Playin' hide n seek," the hound mix replied, bending her head down, "hey, they're scent is strong!"

"Tod and Copper?" Elizabeth asked, trying to playfully paw at Molly's tail.

"Yep!" Molly said, forgetting where her ears were, "oompf!"

The fox kit rolled her eyes. "Don't forget about the ears."

Molly blushed a bit.

"Hey," Elizabeth chirped, "wanna hear my singing? Huh? Do ya? Do ya? Do ya?" 

Molly giggled. "Okay! I would love to!"

Elizabeth cleared her voice and began to sing.

About five minutes later, Tod and Copper bolted out of some bushes. 

"Aaah ok, that's beautiful! You can stop now!" Tod chuckled nervously.

Copper grinned bashfully and turned his head...meeting nose to nose with Molly.

"Ooooooooo!" The fox kits crowed.

Both hound dogs were blushing like mad, until they all started to laugh.