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Fiera is playing with Lilac in a field when a different fox tries to eat Lilac. Fiera gets all over his case, but for the fox, it's love at first sight. But Fiera doesn't like him and finds him rather annoying. What should she do?

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Fiera and Lilac were out in a field, it was a sunny day and it was a perfect day to play. Fiera was taking a break from playing tag, choosing instead to lie down in the grass. Lilac however, was still running around, As chipper as ever. Unknown to both of them, a third set of eyes was watching them. Suddenly, Lilac froze. She sniffed the air.

"FIERA!" she screamed and took off running, just as a red fox jumped out of the bushes and tore after her. Fiera jumped up immediately and took off after the fox. She ran faster than she ever did before, and tackled the fox. They tumbled into a patch of sage brush.

"HEY! WHAT DO YOU THINK YOUR-" the fox started but cut off when he saw who he was talking too.

"Hehehe... well He-llo there gorgeous!" he said with a hint of refinery. Fiera's head shot up. Her fur bristled and she bared her teeth.

"EXCUSE me?!" Fiera cried. She hated being called anything like that.

"I forgive you for tripping me up back there, I'm sure it was a accident." he continued.

"It was not. You were trying to eat one of my best friends!" Fiera cried. The fox ignored her.

"I'm Bo, a fox that is single at the moment..." he paused and looked her up and down. "But from the way things are going, not for long."

Fiera started growling.

"I already HAVE a boy friend!" she cried. Now the fox paused.

"Who?" he asked.

"Devon! Who, might I add, is a much better fox than you will EVER be!" She cried.

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