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While on a walk with Amos, Copper finds a small orphan puppy and takes her in, naming her Gumdrop. She soon grows up to be a healthy puppy and looks to him as a father, so the hound dog takes the role of a father on the young puppy.

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Cheif (mentioned)


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"Copper!" Amos called, and Copper bounded towards him. "Let's get back to the house before the rain starts."

Copper nodded and walked beside his owner, his nose twitching. He stopped suddenly, picking up an unfamiliar scent. He sniffed again, causing Amos to look at him. Copper followed the scent, his paws hitting the floor only to rise again and repeat the action as he ran and stopped at two trash cans.

A small whimper filled his ears.

~Work in progres, will continue when my phone doesn't suck~