He has a pretty simple past, born to a small happy family in the suburbs, he was quickly adopted by a family of a mom, a dad, and three girls from the country. He was taken to the ranch and was there taught by his owner (the father of the family), all the skills he'd need to be a good herding dog, he ended up catching on fast and became the best herding his owner could ask for. He has an overall simple life, working in the fields and his owners three daughters providing all the excitement he could need- but he does enjoy sneaking out for a short period of time some nights, to stroll through the town and along the woods. 


Scout is a laid back and calm farm dog, he doesn't like getting in fights, but he will break them up when he sees one. He spends a lot of his time on his family's farm hearding sheep, pigs and chicken. He also loves running around at the fairgrounds when he has the chance. He loves his family's to pieces, and is rather protective of them, but he's always welcoming to new people and dogs. Scout is a very reliable and responsible dog. 


Scout is a while Australian Sheppard with half floppy ears, brown eyes, and black and brown spots spread around his body. He wears a blue and white plad bandana around his neck, and a small brown cowboy hat his owners kids gave him.


  • He is a hearing dog
  • Scout loves kids
  • He loves digging holes, and helps his owners plant crops by digging holes on their field
  • He is a hard worker, an extremely hard worker
  • He speaks with a mild southern accent
  • He is good friends with Molly
  • Scout is around the same age as Tod and Copper