Good golly miss molly

Molly is the niece of Cash


Molly is a hound dog mix with light tan-brown fur. She has a tan muzzle and underbelly/chest. Her paws have brown socks, along with two spots on her back and her tail tip. Her ears are long and dark brown, and she has light tan-brown eye patches on her eyes.She has a small tuft of fur on her head, brown eyebrows, hazel eyes, and a dark brown nose. She's always wearing her blue bandana around her neck.


Molly is very upbeat and curious, a rather naive child when she was young, her nose usually always leading into trouble. She loves to explore and when she's a teenager she's very inquisitive and loves to take care of others, which is a good thing since as a Teen her responsibilities when not practicing her crooning is watching after her younger cousins. She's got a heart of gold and will always put others before herself.

Voice Actors

  • Child: TBD
  • Teen/Adult: Felicia Day- Pear Butter (My Little pony: Friendship is Magic)


  • She has a crush on Copper when they met at the fair the first summer, but after he left she met a dog named Tucker that she started to date. (but she still has her heart slightly set on Copper, hoping he comes back)
  • She loves her cousins Martina and Rascal
  • She's much like her auntie Dixie when it comes to jealousy and was very upset at first when Copper was accepted into the band because her Uncle Cash told her that she was too young.
  • She's an excellent singer and dreamed of singing with her uncle on stage.
  • She has a best friend named Elizabeth
  • After some events(that i will not spoil) Copper and Molly grow closer, and Molly befriends a little pup that Copper adopted named Gumdrop . She becomes very affectionate towards the little puppy and calls her "Gummy"
  • She and Copper do end up together in the future (but not saying how and what happens to Tucker) and have four pups. Carrie, Paisley, Toby, and Clarabelle
  • She's absolutely terrified of guns and hunters, which is why she was terrified to learn that Copper was a hunting dog in training. She eventually warms up to Copper's training, but is terrified of Amos