Vital statistics
Position Happy
Age 8
Status A good fox
Physical attributes
Height 4 ft
Weight Unknown
belongs to Eva1234dog  .                                                          


|<Bio> Max is curious little fox , Who loves to out run hunter's big time XD . but later on when he's about 9 he was found by a young Lady  about the age of 31 , saw max with a injured leg .  poor little max he ran  into a tree and hit his leg . The lady  fix his leg and adopted him .  her name is Lani . A few days after she opened a animal day care over by the town she lives by .  She named the fox Max .   Max has such a great life with Lani .

'Personlaity' : A sweet loving Fox , only likes to eat birds , bunnys    deer . don't sass him he will get angry XD .  He loves humans . His friends are ( theses are OCS I will make later on )

Lani of cores

Amy his girl friend a fox

Jagthith a coyote

Lann a fox

Leonardo a German Shepard  

Rocky a fox       

And last but not lest jay a wolf .

His girl friend Amy was also adopted bye Lani , and. Had pups later on named Chris and  Renia .  

LOOKS . not done with his looks but I'm done with every thing Else .