Max is a male red fox, brother of Kia, and a friend of Tod. He was created by and owned by RockytheEco-pup.

Max---Commission drawn by DeathStorm1031


Max was born into a fox family that resided close to Tod's family before he was orphaned. When Widow Tweed adopted Tod and raised him, Max went out in search of him. When he found him, they played almost every day and sometimes Copper joined in on the fun.


Max is a red fox who is a little bit smaller than Tod and has brown eyes and his red fur is a lighter shade than Tod's.


Max is a very active fox. He loves to play and jump around. The only human that Max trusts is Widow Tweed since she is taking care of Tod and being nice to him. He can get easily frightened and is afraid of Amos Slade which is why he doesn't hang out with Copper too often.


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  • He loves to play.
  • The only human he trusts is Widow Tweed.
  • His two friends are Tod and Copper.
  • He's afraid of hunters.
  • He was named after my friend Max (Smartpup Chase76) on the PAW Patrol Fanon Wiki.