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Lilac is a bunny and is one of Fiera's best friends. She is very sweet and innocent. She loves picking flowers and giving them to others instead of eating them. She only gives flowers to animals she likes. She is very kind and generous and can seemingly do no wrong. She can cry very easily though, and if you make her cry, Fiera is all over your case. She is only a little kid after all. Lilac loves Fiera as a sister, although Fiera is more like the crazy over protective sister to Lilac.

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Lilac is a tree bark colored bunny with a white heart on her forehead. She has a cream colored tuft of fur under her chin and usually wears a lilac flower behind her left ear.

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Lilac was the youngest of the bunnies that took Fiera in. She was hardly more than a newborn when they first let Fiera in. Over time she grew and became more and more attached to Fiera. she would go out and make little flower necklaces for her and the two would sometimes go frolicing in a field. So when Fiera announced she was leaving the bunny family, she just had to go with her. She didn't want to be anywhere but with her loving older sister. She likes Todd and Vixie and loves to give them flowers.

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  • Lilac has yet to have a crush.
  • Lilac is afraid of big mean animals.
  • Lilac is very fleet-footed. Shes one of the fastest animals in the forest.

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The fox and the jerk

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