Kia is a German Shepherd and Max's adopted sister. She was created by and is owned by RockytheEco-pup.


Kia was out for a walk with her owners as a little pup when she chased a squirrel deep into the woods getting seperated from the others. She wanders for days before stumbling upon a fox hole. The mother and father fox saw that this pup was lost and scared so they brought her into their fox hole and was raised alongside a red fox named Max.


Kia is a brown German Shepard with a light brown face and the rest of her fur is dark brown. She also has light brown socks on each of her paws. She has light blue eyes and a red collar that she had from her former owners.


Kia is very adventurous and loves to have fun. She cares for all her friends and is protective of her fox family. Sometimes she forgets that she is a German Shepherd. While she is adventurous, she is a lot more cautious of dangerous situations than he is.

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  • She develops a crush on Coal.
  • She sometimes forgets she is a German Shepherd.
  • She grew up in a family of foxes.