The four pups of Copper and Molly


Paisley: he's a dark tan-gold pup with dark brown ears, fur tuft, paws, tail tip, and heart-shaped mark on his left flank. He's got a light cream stripe going down his forehead and around his muzzle. He wears a light blue collar and has bright hazel eyes





Paisley: Very hyperactive and a heart of gold- Paisley is always up for an adventure or a good bellyrub. He's usually sniffing around for something fun to do, or someone to help out

Clarabelle: This pups is a major affection seeker, she loves being scratched and pet and will always be seeking cuddles and hugs. She's a bit of a competitive pup though, determined and head strong, and sometimes a bit too rough when it comes to playing

Toby: A little stubborn and mouthy, Toby tends to be the trouble maker of his siblings and usually needs his parent's help to get out of it. He's very blunt with his words and can come off as a little crude, but he has a soft spot for his youngest sibling, Carrie.

Carrie: Bubbly and sweet, little Carrie is the peacemaker between her siblings, since her older siblings tend to roll over for the sweet little girl. She's very talkative and friendly, and loves to make friends with almost anyone. She knows she's got everyone in the palm of her paw, but never really uses it to her own advantage, unless it's to get a little extra sugar~


  • three of the pups were named after country singers. Brad Paisley, Toby Keith, and Carrie Underwood.
  • Clarabelle was named after one of my Aunt's dogs. I love that pooch~
  • Paisley's design was inspired by a Tsum Tsum knockoff that my best friend got for me


  • none of these pups have crushes and i don't want to be asked about them just yet.