For The Love of a Vixen is a fanfic by PrinceBalto.
I Like This


A love tale between Tod and Vixey.


A vixen. Is there anything more beautiful?

Not to Tod. He now had his own vixen in Vixey. She was beautiful beyond words. Nothing in the world was lovelier than she. Right now, he was happier than he had ever been in his entire life. Soon, other moments would come: eventually, kits would be born. Vixey had joked about having six of them. That had made him uneasy.

Months go by. Tod continues getting used to life in the forest. For a long instant, flashbacks to the past come to him. Tod sighs. Then, one day, Vixey gives him several words that change his life forever.

"Tod, you're going to be a dad," she states

Tod is stunned by the revelation. He takes a step back. "You mean to kits?" he said, knowing he sounded stupid, but not knowing what else to say. Vixey is not upset, but laughs playfully.

Finally, the day comes. The proud parents have six kits, just as Vixey wanted. Tod is a proud father. He vows that no harm will ever come to his sons and daughters. He couldn't be happier.

He did it for the love of a vixen. His vixen.