This oc belongs to Eva1234dog .     

Vital statistics
Position Singing strays
Age 9
Status Very friendly , and an awesome voice
Physical attributes
Height 3 ft
Weight Unknown

Fifi .

bio Edit

before she was adopted by the singing strays , she was abandoned out on the streets by her owners , she never liked humans , until she was adopted by the singing strays .


she is very sweet , for some reason , she loves cats , if she sees one she have to chase it ! She has too . she has a soft spot \ tickle spot behind her left ear . she loves to play fetch with sticks , she onlys like to play with a stick ,  if the item your throwing is stick , then she will be there . 

appearance Edit

she a dark brown and has tan socks on her front legs anand ear tips and weres a red bandana with yellow dots she has dark blue eyes and a white under tail .

triva .Edit

i named her after my cat .

She has 4 bandanas .

Her best friend is dixe .