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Fiera is a blue fox (It's something I heard about from a show called The Animals of Farthing Wood) that lives in the forest where Tod was dropped off. She became his best friend. She is very timid and careful about what she does. but that doesn't stop her from doing crazy things. She is very outgoing however, and doesn't hide at home like a fox with phobia problems. She can be very hyper at times and can sometimes be a little overwhelming. She is very protective of her other best friend Lillac, and makes sure no hunter no matter what kind will hurt her. She doesn't react to well to being called something like 'Toots' or 'Girly' or something slang like that. She finds it quite rude and when being called that, her usual reaction is to become a little bit sassy.

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She is a silverish blue color, her muzzle is darker and and so is her neck, chest, paws, and tail tip. Her eyes are a pretty greyish white color. She has three spots under each eye that are a lighter color than her body.

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Fiera and her family were the last Blue foxes in the park. There was her mother, Liala, her father, Korin, and her brother and sister, Layla and Kirai. Then one day some hunters came, despite it being illegal. They were after Fiera's family. They trapped their mother but then her father told her and her siblings to run. They raced away and got seperated from each other. Fiera wandered around, looking for her family. Finally she found her brother, but found out that their sister had died. Killed by a wolf. Kirai wanted to leave the park, but Fiera didn't want to. Knowing it would be more dangerous if they did than staying here. Kirai left and Fiera was alone. Then she came across a family of Bunnies who, despite Fiera being a fox, let her stay with them. She became friends with the family of bunnies and was their protectors. Then she met Tod, and everything changed. At first she had a crush on him, but then she found out about Vixie. He helped her protect the bunnies, but finally Fiera decided to leave the bunnies. Her friend Lilac, the youngest daughter of the bunnies, decided to go with her. She found her own den and they lived together.

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Young Fiera: young Strelka (from Space dogs. Couldn't find her voice actor)

Teen/Adult Fiera: Belca (from Space dogs as well. I also couldn't find her voice actor)

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  • Fiera at times visits the bunnies that took her in when no one else would.
  • Fiera is deathly afraid of Hunters.
  • Fiera loves to play, and plays with Tod and Vixie often.
  • She has a crush on a fox named Devon
  • Fiera has a strong disliking towards Bo

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Meeting Bo

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Older Fiera

Older Fiera


My attempt at a screenshot, it's not very good... but whatever