This is Devon, the british talking fox (based off a pupet I got in Utah)

Apperance Edit

He is mostly Orange/Red with a white bottom jaw, tail tip and stomach and black ears and paws

Personality Edit

Devon is pretty happy but when he gets around the ladies he gets kinda flirty, usualy anyoing his 'victim'

Bio Edit

He was born in a Utah forest but was going to be tranfered somewhere but was accidentaly sent to great britan

Later he moved back to the US but he retained the brittish accent he got from living in great britan for so long

Other Info Edit

  • Has a huge crush on Siberia
  • After seeing that Siberia has feelings twards Floyd he sets himself up with another fox , Fiera
  • He hax a bad experience with wolves as a pup and is now deathly afraid of them