Coconut is Copper's friend and hunting dog in training.

Appearance: Edit

Her fur is a golden color while her ears are a light brown. Her paws are a dark brown and her chest is a lighter tan. She has three dark brown spots on her back. She wears a light purple collar with a red heart tag.

Personality: Edit

Coconut is funloving and caring. She's leader like at points, but is usually playing and running around. She can be a bit too oblivious if she's hurting someone's feelings, but once she realizes, she'll try to make it up to them. She can be a bit too harsh and competitive sometimes, but she doesn't notice.

Trivia: Edit

-She goes by Coco rather than Coconut

-She used to have a crush on Copper but it was more of a childish crush

-Coconut is actually Gumdrop's mother, but this is unknown due to the fact that Gumdrop's father left long before she was born and Coconut died very shortly after her daughter's birth

-She is accidentally shot by her owner one day while hunting, he mistaked her for another animal (this sounds so violent and I'm trying to cool it but it's really hard) and she sadly didn't make it.

-Copper has no idea she's dead, and often wonders about her