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Bio Edit

Caramel is a Samoyed dog that is a stray. As a puppy, he was a loner, but later in his life, he meets Copper and Todd, and they start to hang out. When he was a young pup, his mom left him and his father died. After a few years of living alone, he meets Copper and Todd, and they start to hang out with him. When he grows up, he he stalks around the carnival, and decides to become a singer at the carnival, but still being good friends with Todd and Copper.

Personality Edit

Caramel is very friendly and talkative, loving to socialize, which is surprising since he lived half his life as a loner. He loves to play and is very curious about the world around him, but he's slightly feminine, and he doesn't like mudding or getting dirty like most other men, and loves the color, pink. He's most of the time gulliable and niave, and sometimes is a little too nice for him own good, and its very hard for him to say "no", since he's a knock over. He loves pups, and is known as the pupsitter around town. He loves to sing, and does it very often when he becomes a singer, even deciding to get a purple music note mark tatoo on his rear (very similar to a cutie mark).

Appearance Edit

Caramel is light tan colored Samoyed, with a white heart on his chest, and a white patch around his right eye. He has purple eyes, and one half-tipped ear, while the other is fully perked. He where's a pink color with bling. He has a purple music note tatoo on his rear.

Trivia Edit

  • Caramel is very street-wise dog, meaning he's good with the streets.
  • He's the logical one of the three dogs hanging out, and he'll be more likely to wanna talk things out.
  • He's Homosexual, meaning he's sexually attracted to the same gender. (He's single, unfortunetally, but if any one wants to mate him with your OC, that'll be great.)
  • He's very loyal to his friends, and would die for them.
  • As a singer, he does amazing, and can sing very well, And most of the tough dogs don't even mind his feminity
  • After becoming a part of Cash's band, he makes the decision to get a purple music note tatoo on his rear, which he loves to death.