After Siberia and Floyd hear about Copper and Mollys pups Siberia convinces Floyd to have puppies, Thus Neko, Stoli, Samson, Willow and Yukon are born

Note - Cakethewarriorcat helped out with some of there desighns

Apperances Edit

Neko - He has a nearly exact deighn as his mom but thw white parts on his mom are tan on him and he has ears like his dad

Stoli - She has a mostly white body with her moms perked ears. She has a dark brown spot on her back and dark brown socks on her front paws

Samson - He is brown with perked ears and he has grey socks on his front paws and white socks on his back

Willow - She is silver with long flopy ears and brown socks on all four paws

Yukon - He is mostly tan with one perked and one half flopped ears, he has a brown spot on his back, a white mask and white paws

Personalities Edit

Nako - He is bouncy and rambunxious, very rebelious and doesent often listen to his parents though he is smart and come up with most of the master plans in his family

Stoli - She is very shy and secluded all the time. she doesent talk to people and people asume that shes always depressed even though shes just sucluded and stays to herself

Samson - He is very big and strong but kinda an Idiot taking a bit after his father but just not being the brightest bulb in the shop

Willow - She is sweet and kind, very selfless and always willing to sacrifice herself for others

Yukon - Hes a sweet and kind pup, always playfull but kindof rebelious, he nearly always Hyper and Playfull unless hes upset over something and then hes quiet, secluded and negative about nearly everything

Other Info Edit

  • Stoli and Willow want to do something similar to the Singing Strays
  • Samson and Nako are like Parters in crime, Samson is the Brawn and Nako is the Brains
  • Yukon has a crush on Gumdrop
  • Justa note, they are around the age of Copper and Tods Pups/kits
  • Yukon is adopted by Widow Tweed so he can live closer to Gumdrop and her siblings