they are Copper's littermates

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Brad: Brad is very athletic. He can run as fast as a grey hound. He is also used as a hunting dog, but is more of a runner than a sniffer. He is very strong and popular with the ladies. He's become a world-famous hunter. He is very proud of his little brother copper and his acomplishments. He doesn't like Tod though.

Uxie: Uxie is very sweet and playfull. She came to live on the farm that Tod did, She actually works with her human as a happy farm dog. Uxie is very kind and helps all others in need. She loves visiting her brother and cheering up her human. She hears alot about Tod, and goes with her human once a year to visit him.

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Brad: Brad is a coppery-chocolate brown color. He has sunny yellow ears and a spot on his forehead. His paws are white. He has a black collar.

Uxie: Uxie looks almost exactly like Copper, except for her paws are the color of her ears.

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Young Brad:

Teen/Adult Brad: Nuka (from The Lion King 2)

Young Uxie: Young Anna (from Frozen

Teen/Adult Uxie: Anna (from Frozen)

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  • they have no crushes yet.
  • Brad is a proud hunter, and he hates foxes. He never approved of Tod being Copper's friend.
  • Uxie is friends with a raccoon she met in the fields.

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