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Bo is a fun-loving playful Red fox. He is very handesome and has always been told that. He can be very selfish at times because of the fact that he was spoiled his whole life. He can be very rude at times, but he is also very heartfelt and sensitive. He always has a big goofy grin on his face.

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Bo is red with a white muzzle, neck, chest, and tail tip. All four of his paws are black.

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Bo was born to a family of foxes that thought themselves better than all other foxes. They sure looked the part, and they were overtaken by their vanity. But Bo wasn't like that. Well, at least not entirely. They were hunted often, but usually got away. Bo decided he didn't want to live like this any more, so he and his sister Rita escaped to the reserve.

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  • he has a crush on Fiera.
  • He has a bunch of fans.
  • Bo is afraid of getting wet.

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